The Supreme Audit Office stands with the Ukrainian people in their fight for freedom.


Dove of Peace

The Supreme Audit Office (SAO) took the side of Ukraine immediately after the outbreak of war. Not only as an institution, but also on an individual basis. SAO employees have volunteered to help materially, financially and personally.

We have suspended all cooperation with the supreme audit institutions of the Russian Federation and Belarus. The SAI of the Russian Federation and the SAI of Belarus were not invited to the EUROSAI Prague Post-Congress Get-Together.

The SAO supports the same approach at an international level as the presiding country of EUROSAI. At its extraordinary meeting in March, the EUROSAI Governing Board in a joint statement condemned the actions of the Russian Federation and Belarus in Ukraine.

Accommodation for Refugees

Our help consists primarily of providing accommodation to Ukrainian refugees in SAO's training centre situated in the municipality of Prestavlky outside Prague.

Number of beds

Number of Ukrainians

Number of auditors

Number of children

Not only employees of the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine found lodging and facilities for remote work in Prestavlky. Part of the capacity was filled by other refugees from war-ravaged areas.

In Prestavlky, our Ukrainian friends are offered not only lodging but also warm meals, SAO employees are helping Ukrainian refugees with administrative tasks and interpreting, with visits at the doctor's office and communicating with Czech authorities. We drive Ukrainian children to local schools every day.


Material aid

We have created our own online system for coordinating aid. Our guests from Ukraine can use the system to indicate their needs.

Volunteers from the part of SAO employees then analyse the list of requirements and ensure their delivery. The requirements are primarily of a material nature - be it clothes and shoes, hygiene supplies, books or school supplies and toys for children.


SAO Volunteers also organise leisure activities for Ukrainian refugees.

We prepared an evening barbecue in Prestavlky. Our Ukrainian friends visited the castle of Karlstejn, one of the most important monuments of Czech history. We also organised a trip to a Sunday Easter Mass to Prague's Greek Catholic and Orthodox churches, so even under the current difficult circumstances our Ukrainian friends were able to celebrate the Easter holidays.

Laptops for People in Need

The SAO gifted more than 100 decommissioned but still fully functional laptops to the non-profit organisation People in Need.

Part of the laptops are helping Ukrainian refugees dispersed across the Czech Republic to look for work, take online lessons or to work remotely.

Transparent account

A new feature in the aid provided to Ukraine is a transparent bank account, which we set up in mid-May. SAO employees can contribute to the account with any amount, on a one-time or regular basis.

The collected money will cover everything that Ukrainian refugees need during their stay in Prestavlky - washing powders, hygiene supplies, food allowances as well as clothing. Also, Ukrainian children will be able to take up various hobbies or attend leisure activities thanks to the money collected.

The number of the transparent bank account is: 2802229009/2010



Would you like to contribute to the transparent bank account and help 'our' refugees?

The number of the transparent bank account is:


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