Seminar on SAI´s Communication Challenges

On June 4–6, 2014, the Supreme Audit Office was organising a seminar entitled “SAI´s Communication Challenges”, which aimed at communication, public relations, and media. Among attendees to the event were communication experts from supreme audit institutions of Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Netherlands, Poland, and Greece and from the European Court of Auditors.

The Seminar’s main objectives included exchange of the experience and visions in the field of external and internal communications of supreme audit institutions, utilisation of different communication channels, communication practices and tools, and comparison of communication priorities. At the Seminar, there were also workshops and discussions aimed at experience with digital media and their further use by supreme audit institutions, for example in presentations about audit results.

Main Seminar Objectives

Exchange Vision and Experience

  • SAI´s external and internal communication
  • SAI´s PR and PA practices and tools

Share Good Practice

  • SAI´s utilisation of different communication channels
  • Focusing on various target groups

Compare Communication Strategy

  • Approaches to communication
  • SAI´s communication priorities

Discuss Digital Media

  • Experience with digital media and their further use
  • Modern possibilities in the field of communication

Solve Model Situation

  • Hands-on opportunity to solve SAI´s communication challenges
  • Workshops aiming at effective media communication examples

Main Seminar Topics

External Communication - Content and Target Groups

  • Supply and Demand - Creating SAI´s public image - Dos and Don´ts
  • Influence on successful communication - timing, regularity, quality of speakers, etc.
  • Audit output vs. media output - factors influencing the final media output
  • Possibilities of diversification of media outputs in relation to target groups
  • Mass vs. targeted communication - effectiveness and impact difference

External Communication - Speakers

  • The right person for the job
  • The right number of speakers for establishing a cohesive SAI´s identity
  • Speaker´s formation - training costs and added value
  • Speaker´s positioning - clerk vs. expert

Internal Communication

  • What channels of internal communication does your SAI use?
  • What are the obstacles of internal communication at your SAI?
  • Do you consult internal communication issues with external agencies?
  • Which of internal communication channels you find the most efficient?
  • Do you consider enhancement of your internal communication and why?

SAI´s Marketing

  • Marketing tools available to SAIs
  • Target groups segmentation
  • Variety of outputs related to target groups

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