Members of the Chamber of Deputies elected Mr Michal Šmucr as a Member of the SAO

Press release on the election of a Member of the SAO - 3 June 2020

Members of the Chamber of Deputies elected a new Member of the SAO Board, Mr Michal Šmucr, in a secret ballot today. One hundred and five Members of the Chamber of Deputies out of 182 Members present voted in favour of his election. Mr Šmucr is now waiting to take an oath before the Speaker of the Chamber.

Mr Michal Šmucr, 56 years old, was born in Brno, graduated from the Faculty of AgriSciences of the Mendel University, and he was further educated in the field of pedagogy at the Mendel University and the Charles University. He has been active in the field of education since 1990. He currently holds the position of the Director of the Jiří Wolker Grammar School in Prostějov; he held the same position at the Švehla Secondary School of Polytechnics. Since 2018, he has also acted as an advisor for education at the Office of the Government. He participated in drawing up strategic documents on education for the Olomouc Region. Mr Šmucr also has experience in preparing and managing projects within EU funds and in auditing joint-stock company management.

Michal Šmucr is married and has two children.

Communication Department
Supreme Audit Office

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