Auditing Sustainable Energy - Guidance for Supreme Audit Institutions

This publication was prepared by the INTOSAI Working Group on Environmental Auditing (WGEA). The WGEA aims to encourage the use of audit mandates and audit methods in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development by Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs). The WGEA has the mandate to

  • help SAIs gain a better understanding of environmental auditing issues,
  • facilitate exchange of information and experiences among SAIs, and
  • publish guidelines and other informative materials.

This publication may be downloaded free of charge. Permission is granted to copy and distribute this publication, giving appropriate credit, provided that such copies are for academic, personal or professional use and are not sold or used for commercial gain.

ISBN 978-9949-9055-2-2 (Publication)

ISBN 978-9949-9055-3-9 (PDF)

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