The management of the Czech Mining Authority did not show any major problems

Press release to audit No 18/35 – 29 July 2019

The Czech Supreme Audit Office examined the management of the Czech Mining Authority in the years 2015 to 2018. Auditors focused on how the Czech Mining Authority performed duties relating to the management of payments for extracted minerals and disbursements from the extraction sites. They also reviewed the management of state’s assets as well as the operating costs of the Authority and its investments.

In total, a sample of funds in volume over CZK 983 million and state’s assets worth more than five and a half million Czech crowns were audited. The audit did not identify shortcomings which would have a significant impact on the economy and the effectiveness of the management of the state’s assets and funds. The Czech Mining Authority proceeded in accordance with the legislation in force.

Communication Department

Supreme Audit Office

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