Management of the state funds dealing with dangerous waste

Press release on completion of the auditing operation No. 05/28

The auditing operation was included in the Annual Audit Plan of the Supreme Audit Office (hereinafter referred to as “SAO”) for the year 2005 under No. 05/28. The auditing operation was managed and the audit conclusion drawn up by Mr. Zdeněk Brandt, Member of the SAO.

The aim of the auditing operation was to examine the management of the state funds earmarked for hazardous waste disposal and the system of waste charge collecting. The audited period covered years 2002 to 2004 at 17 audited entities.

It follows from the audit findings that the system of charge collection and levy scheme for dangerous waste disposal is complicated; the method of owed charges extortion is functionless. It makes possible for hazardous waste generators and disposal site operators that they pay for the disposal nothing or a minimum charge. Fines for breaches of the individual provisions of the Czech Waste Act were imposed close to the minimum fine limit for all that they were often cut down during appealing procedure.

Regardless of the import of waste into the Czech Republic is rather forbidden (with a few exemptions) there are many entities that use ambiguous regulations and import waste declared as products. Sanction procedures for illegal waste transport through the Czech Republic is ineffective due to the unsatisfactory legislative framework.

The vagueness of legal regulations for waste management, their imprecise definitions, frequent changes, complexity and belatedness of their amendments cause a low effectiveness of the current legal framework.

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