Funds earmarked for development of motorway D8

Press release on completion of the auditing operation No. 06/03

The auditing operation was included in the Annual Audit Plan of the Supreme Audit Office (hereinafter referred to as “SAO”) for the year 2006 under No. 06/03. The auditing operation was managed and the audit conclusion drawn up by Mr. Petr Skála, the Member of the SAO.

The aim of the audit was to review whether the audited bodies were ensuring conditions for expedient and economical dealing with funds for development of the motorway D8.

Audited bodies were the Ministry of Transport (hereinafter referred to as “MT”), the State Fund of Transport Infrastructure (hereinafter referred to as “SFTI”), the Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic (hereinafter referred to as “RMD”).

Economical development of motorway D8 was made difficult by system shortcomings analogous to those, which had already been found during the auditing operation No. 04/25 Development of transport infrastructure in cohesion regions Central Moravia and Moravia Silesia (part IV. of the audit conclusion published in the SAO’s Bulletin, Volume XIII., Issue 2/2005). These were mainly shortcomings in performance of public administration offices concerned, which produced a very lengthy course of area proceedings. These shortcomings namely make delays in building preparation of the section 0805. In addition, there is a long-term neglected conflict between public interests – on the one hand sustainable mobility, on the other hand preservation of environmental stability. As a consequence, an undesirable delay is expected, the documentation of the section 0805 through the Czech Middle Mountains was updated in July 2006; the section’s completion is planned in 2010.

Later completion of the section 0805 will result in loss of benefits, which this section would have brought under conditions of putting into service simultaneously with the section 0807. The efficiency of funds spent for development of the motorway D8, which was originally assumed by the programme No. 327 220, will be further let down by increasing of financial demand for both sections’ development according to the updated programme documentation from July 2006.

The realization of the section 0807 expanded funds increased by more than CZK 1.1 billion; it was among others due to necessity of speed-up building to fulfil the term of putting the section 0807 into service at the end of 2006. The largest part of that fact was caused by the stoppage of building during summer season 2004 due to the disputable tender of a borderline bridge, which resulted in increase of costs by CZK 205 million needed to speed-up works. From the point of view of the programme 327 200, the accelerated realization of the section 0807 did not improve traffic accessibility of the regional capital Ústí nad Labem.

Changes in time, matter and financial conditions for assumed traffic intensities beg the need to analyse them newly because they substantially differ from those which were the basis for analyses made in 2000 and 2001. On the basis of this new analysis, it will be required

  • to analyse and evaluate objectively an efficiency of the programme 327 220;
  • to identify and analyse causes of the difficult process of building of the motorway D8 sections 0805 and 0807;
  • to propose a set of measures, which would in the future prevent recurrence of such problems at next line constructions.

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