The Czech National Health Insurance Company paid little attention to insurance premiums and penalty payments

Press Release – December 2, 2008

From March to September 2008, the auditors from the Supreme Audit Office (SAO) performed an audit that focused on management of the finances collected by the Czech National Health Insurance Company (CNHIC) under the rule of law from 2005 to 2007.

The auditors found out that the Czech National Health Insurance Company failed to pay adequate attention to the collection of insurance premiums. The contracts concluded with healthcare institutions did not include specific data and information on the material and technical equipment and on the human resources available therein; they also did not specify the actual scope of healthcare which the respective healthcare institutions are authorised to provide.

Within the period from 2005 to 2007, the CNHIC reviewed 414 remunerations of the services in medical facilities; the check-ups numbered to 62 in 2007. Based on the audit of payments the CNHIC assessed a volume of healthcare worth CZK 42.445 million illegitimately reported by the hospitals for the period under scrutiny, which however it failed to compensate at the expense of the hospitals as for the time of completion of the audit by SAO.

“The CNHIC accounting was not conclusive and complete, and in the area of accounting for receivables due from the insurance premium payees did not always connect to the data stored in the information system. In some cases, the CNHIC information system did not include the latest data on premiums due and on the outcome of audits carried out in respect of the payment of premiums as well as of audits of the healthcare items reported as delivered”, said president of the SAO František Dohnal.

The auditing operation was included into the 2008 Audit Plan of the SAO under No. 08/11. Eliška Kadaňová, Member of the SAO Board, controlled the operation and drew up the audit report as well.

Radka Burketová
Press Speaker
Supreme Audit Office

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