The revitalization of Jordán Pond: the SAO scrutinized the utilization of CZK 320 million without finding any serious errors

PRESS RELEASE on Audit No. 14/13 – January 26, 2015

The Supreme Audit Office (SAO) audited the project that aimed at the revitalization of Jordán Pond in the town of Tábor, which was implemented in years 2008–2014. By the half of 2014, the Project cost nearly CZK 420 million. The project gained CZK 302.4 million from the EU funds, about CZK 18 million from the State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic, and the rest was paid by the municipality of Tábor. Auditors did not find any cardinal errors: The State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic followed the applicable legislation and legal regulations when administered the Project and reimbursed the costs. Tábor Municipality utilised the subsidy for eligible expenditures and proceeded in compliance with the Act on Public Contracts when all awarded public contracts.

Jordán Pond had not been drained for 170 years. The revitalization project aimed at removing the mud and a bottom drainage construction. The removal of sediments, which were somewhere two meters thick, increased the water-holding capacity of the Pond and helped to create another anti-flood provision. In total, nearly 269,000 cubic metres of sediments were removed. Total costs of the revitalization were estimated at CZK 466.4 million. The State Environmental Fund monitored the Project’s implementation and carried out 20 in-situ controls. Auditors verified that the State Environmental Fund had only reimbursed eligible expenditures that were related to the Pond’s revitalization.

In connection with the Project’s implementation, Tábor Municipality as the beneficiary awarded 14 public contracts related to works, supplies, and services. Open procedures were conducted with two above-the-threshold contracts, the remaining 12 below-the-threshold contracts were awarded through invitations to tenders or ordered from specific suppliers. All construction works were finished in agreement with the pre-planned schedules. Tábor Municipality also informed the State Environmental Fund about all changes to the original plan of the funds’ utilization and the changes were duly and timely approved by all involved parties.

Communication Department
Supreme Audit Office

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