Audit plan

1999 Audit plan

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Audit No.Subject of auditState of the audit
99/01Financial resources earmarked for building or reconstruction of state district archivesfinished and published
99/02Evidence, requisitions, and amortisations of judicial active debts within the competence of Ministry of Justicefinished and published
99/03State property and financial resources used in the state material reserves, for economic mobilization, and for defence supporting measuresnot published according to the law
99/04Earnings from regulation charges and fee stampsfinished and published
99/05State budget funds provided through the medium of the Farming and Forestry Relief and Guarantee Fundfinished and published
99/06State budget chapter - Ministry of Transportfinished and published
99/07State property managed by the Land Fund of the Czech Republicfinished and published
99/08Financial resources from the state budget chapters Ministry of Industry and Trade and Ministry of Health spent on research and developmentfinished and published
99/09State property and budget funds managed by the Czech Customs Administration, customs directories, and customs officesfinished and published
99/10State budget funds earmarked for agricultural support programmesfinished and published
99/11Management of social security authoritiesfinished and published
99/12State obligations arising from issues of state bondsfinished and published
99/13State property managed by central administration authoritiesfinished and published
99/14State budget funds earmarked for acquiring and technical renewals of investment properties managed by social-service institutionsfinished and published
99/15State budget chapter - Ministry of Defence and financial resources spent on training and other spending in the Armed Forces of the Czech Republicnot published according to the law
99/16State budget funds earmarked for adjustments and implementation of investment ventures (in selected departments)finished and published
99/17State budget chapter - Czech Statistical Officefinished and published
99/18State budget chapter - Ministry of Defence and financial resources spent on information systemsnot published according to the law
99/19State budget funds earmarked for regeneration of urban listed zones and reservationsfinished and published
99/20Financial resources spent on non-productive agricultural activitiesfinished and published
99/21Corporation Income Taxfinished and published
99/22State subventions in public railway transportationfinished and published
99/23State property managed by the medical institution for T. B. and respiratory diseases in Prosecnicefinished and published
99/24State budget funds earmarked for sport representation teamsfinished and published
99/25Foreign aid and state budget funds earmarked for the employment policyfinished and published
99/26State budget chapter - Ministry of Defence and updating of the Land Forces of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republicnot published according to the law
99/27Management of allowance organizations within the competence of Ministry of Agriculturefinished and published
99/28State budget funds earmarked for private schoolsfinished and published
99/29State budget chapter - Ministry of Justice and construction of prisons and justice facilitiesfinished and published
99/30State property managed by school farmsfinished and published
99/31Fees imposed and exacted by administrative institutions of the Czech Republicfinished and published
99/32State property managed by the Czech Postfinished and published
99/33Expediency and efficiency of the services in senior houses managed by district authoritiesfinished and published
99/34Financial resources assessed for the air conservationfinished and published
99/35State financial assets and debtsfinished and published
99/36State budget chapter - Office for State Information Systemfinished and published
99/37State budget chapter - Ministry of Culture and acquiring and technical renewal of libraries, museums, galleries, and theatresfinished and published
99/38Financial resources from the State Fund of Market Regulation in Agriculture spent on milk sales regulationsfinished and published
99/39State budget chapter - Ministry of Regional Developmentfinished and published

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