Audit plan

2000 Audit plan

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Audit No.Subject of auditState of the audit
00/01State property management during the privatisation process of health facilities transmitted to National Property Fund of the Czech Republicfinished and published
00/02Non-investment grants appropriated to non-governmental social service institutionsfinished and published
00/03Management of the state propertyfinished and published
00/04State budget endowments in the coal and metal miningfinished and published
00/05Financial resources transferred from the National Property Fund for dealing with environmental harmsfinished and published
00/06State budget and property held by the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republicfinished and published
00/07State property held by public universitiesfinished and published
00/08State property held by health facilities founded by district authoritiesfinished and published
00/09State property and funds managed by budget and allowance organizations within the competence of Ministry of Justicefinished and published
00/10State budget chapter - Ministry of Internal Affairsfinished and published
00/11State property and budget funds managed by the State Veterinary Administration and state veterinary institutesfinished and published
00/12State budget chapter - Ministry of Defence and budget funds earmarked for modernisations of the system of command and operational activities of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republicnot published according to the law
00/13Value Added Tax and Consumer Taxfinished and published
00/14Management of farming businesses with a view to national and provincial horse-breeding farmsfinished and published
00/15Management of state enterprisesfinished and published
00/16Investment grants endowed from the General Cash Administration for the programme of building and development of health facilities operated by district and municipal authoritiesfinished and published
00/17Employer‘s liability insurance concerning employment accidents and industrial diseasesfinished and published
00/18State property and budget funds associated with implementation of the National Strategy for ICT in the state administrationfinished and published
00/19State budget chapter - Ministry of Financefinished and published
00/20Foreign financial aid to the Czech Republicfinished and published
00/21Investment grants endowed from the General Cash Administration to local institutions for prevention of criminal offencesfinished and published
00/22State budget funds and financial resources of district authorities provided for ensuring the transport network operationfinished and published
00/23State budget funds earmarked for housing constructionsfinished and published
00/24State budget funds earmarked for reconstruction, development, and administration of roadsfinished and published
00/25Corporation Income Taxfinished and published
00/26Financial resources spent on investments of the General Health Insurance Company of the Czech Republicfinished and published
00/27State budget chapter - Ministry of Culturefinished and published
00/28State budget chapter - the Czech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastrefinished and published
00/29Construction and operation of the Railway Transit Corridors I and IIfinished and published
00/30Implementation of state guaranteesfinished and published
00/31State budget chapter - State Office for Nuclear Safetyfinished and published
00/32Budgetary expenses in 4th quarter (selected state budget chapters)finished and published
00/33State budget chapter - Ministry of Foreign Affairsfinished and published
00/34State property and budget funds spent on modernisation of the Land Forces of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republicnot published according to the law
00/35Financial resources from the PHARE programmes provided for business development in the Czech Republicfinished and published
00/36Financial resources of the State Agricultural Intervention Fund and its legal predecessor - State Fund of Market Regulation in Agriculturefinished and published
00/37Management of allowance organizations within the competence of Ministry of Healthfinished and published

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