Audit plan

2005 Audit plan

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Audit No.Subject of auditState of the audit
05/01Management of the state property by the Office of the Government Representation in Property Affairsfinished and published
05/02Management with the state property and funds under the authority of the Ministry of Informaticsfinished and published
05/03Czech School Inspectorate management of state property and fundsfinished and published
05/04Management with State Budget funds of the Ministry of Industry and Trade budget chapter earmarked for the research and developmentfinished and published
05/05Management with funds earmarked for the support of the ecological agriculturefinished and published
05/06State Budget funds earmarked for the investment and renovation of the Faculty Hospital Motol premisesfinished and published
05/07Management of the State Budget funds, which were expended by the Ministry of Culture on the 2002 flood damages repairfinished and published
05/08Management of funds earmarked for the State programme of energy saving and renewable energy resources supportfinished and published
05/09Ministry of Foreign Affairs economy managementfinished and published
05/10Support of agriculture and forestry provided through the Farming and Forestry Relief and Guarantee Fund, Inc.finished and published
05/11National Property Fund resources provided for Disposal of the old ecological burdensfinished and published
05/12Management of the state property by the State Securities Printerfinished and published
05/13Final account of the state budget chapter the Czech Securities Commissionfinished and published
05/14The management of the state property and funds while information systems building for the Ministry of Defencefinished and published
05/15Management of the state property at the State Organisation Administration of the Railway Transportation Routefinished and published
05/16Management of state budget finances earmarked for housing construction programmesfinished and published
05/17Management of the state budget funds provided for employment of citizens with reduced work abilitiesfinished and published
05/18Management of funds earmarked for building and renewal of the Prague Metrofinished and published
05/19Value Added Tax Administrationfinished and published
05/20The final account of the state budget chapter the Grant Agency of the Czech Republicfinished and published
05/21Management of the state property and funds earmarked for aeronautic equipment of the Air Police of the Czech Republicfinished and published
05/22Closing account of the state budget chapter "Ministry of Health"finished and published
05/23Closing account of the state budget chapter "Ministry of Environment"finished and published
05/24Funds provide for remedies of the transport infrastructure damages caused by the 2002 floodfinished and published
05/25Management of state property in connection with winding-up of the state enterprisesfinished and published
05/26Management of state property and finances earmarked for protection against weapons of mass destruction, passive monitoring systems and electronic combat in the Army of the Czech Republicnot published according to the law
05/27The Czech Consolidation Agency management of state property and fundsfinished and published
05/28Management of the state funds dealing with dangerous wastefinished and published
05/29State budget grants earmarked for zoological gardensfinished and published
05/30Management of the state property and the state budget funds by geographical and cadastral authoritiesfinished and published
05/31Management of the funds collected on the basis of the act on insurance for public health insurance at the OZP - the industrial health insurance company for employees of banks and insurance companies and the health insurance company METAL ALIANCEfinished and published
05/32Funds earmarked for programs of structural subsidies in agriculturefinished and published
05/33Management of the state budget funds spent for providing of investment incentives and investment aids on the basis of "Memorandum of Understanding Declaring Common Intention"finished and published
05/34Excise Duty Administrationfinished and published
05/35Equity holdings of the state in business companies seated in the Czech Republicfinished and published
05/36The state immovable assets administered by the Children and Youth Fund "winding-up"finished and published
05/37State budget funds earmarked for payments of liabilities that belonged to health service facilities established by former district officesfinished and published
05/38Management of the state budget funds earmarked for long-term property acquisition under responsibility of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairsfinished and published
05/39Management of the state budget funds earmarked for reconstruction and completion of the Centre of Justice "Na Micankach"finished and published

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