Audit plan

2007 Audit plan

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Audit No.Subject of auditState of the audit
07/01Automotive technical equipment of the Fire Rescue Service CRfinished and published
07/02Financial resources assessed for the air conservationfinished and published
07/03Management of the LOM PRAHA state-owned enterprise and the ordering expenses of Ministry of Defencefinished and published
07/04Financial resources earmarked for selected projects of road constructions and renovations programsfinished and published
07/05Financial resources earmarked for Industry and Enterprises Operational Programfinished and published
07/06Funds allotted for the implementation of active policy of employmentfinished and published
07/07Customs gathering after Czech Republic's accession to the European Unionfinished and published
07/08Management of state budget funds provided for the Labour Administration Officefinished and published
07/09Management of educational institutions for execution of institutional or protective education and establishments for preventive education carefinished and published
07/10State budget funds provided for the Fiscal Assets Reinvestment Program of Ministry of Culturefinished and published
07/11Funds allotted for Common Agricultural Policy implementation - direct paymentsfinished and published
07/12Funds of the state budget and the EU spent on acquisition and operation information technologies for drawing finances from the EU Structural Funds and Cohesion Fundfinished and published
07/13Closing account of the state budget chapter "Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs"finished and published
07/14Immovable assets of the Ministry of Defencefinished and published
07/15Loans and repayable financial assistance provided from the state budget and the state financial assetsfinished and published
07/16Funds of the state budget allotted for establishment, renewal, and operation of information systems and communication technologies of the Ministry of Environmentfinished and published
07/17State property and funds allotted for activities of selected institutions supporting physical training and sports in the CRfinished and published
07/18Funds of the state budget spent on Programme of social prevention and crime preventionfinished and published
07/19Management of the funds of the state budget allotted for selected investment activities of the Prison service of the CRfinished and published
07/20State property managed by the Czech Post state enterprisefinished and published
07/21State property and financial maens of the state budget allotted for air defence of the statefinished and published
07/22Construction of the Brno Justice Palace and Facilityfinished and published
07/23Funds allotted for the development of tourism and the regeneration and revitalisation of selected towns and cities within the Regional Development Programmefinished and published
07/24Funds allotted for public universities focusing on artsfinished and published
07/25Funds allotted for ensuring railway security and passengers´ safetyfinished and published
07/26Closing account of the state budget chapter "Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports"finished and published
07/27Funds of the state budget allotted for organization of the 2009 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Liberec, Czech Republicfinished and published
07/28Closing account of the state budget chapter "Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting"finished and published

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