Audit plan

2003 Audit plan

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Audit No.Subject of auditState of the audit
03/35State budget funds earmarked for the National Plan on the Equalization of Opportunities for Persons with Disabilitiesfinished and published
03/34Ecological projects and measures in the Thaya river basin financed by state funds and funds provided to the Czech Republic from abroadfinished and published
03/33Financial resources of the Ministry of Transport provided for processing transport studiesfinished and published
03/32State budget funds earmarked for the State Technical Libraryfinished and published
03/31State budget funds earmarked for investments in industrial zonesfinished and published
03/30State budget funds spent on providing investment incentivesfinished and published
03/29Funds of the state budget heading “Ministry of Culture” provided for financing of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festivalfinished and published
03/28Management of the budget funds provided by the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic to the legal and self-employed persons to support research and developmentfinished and published
03/27Funds earmarked for Regional Operational Programmes on the NUTS II levelfinished and published
03/26Construction and operation of railway corridorsfinished and published
03/25Financial resources from the state budget heading Ministry of Health provided for preparation of the Czech Republic for the EU membershipfinished and published
03/24State budget funds earmarked for small and medium-sized enterprisesfinished and published
03/23State property under the management of the State Fund of Transport Infrastructurefinished and published
03/22State property and financial management of the State Agricultural Intervention Fundfinished and published
03/21Financial resources provided for adjustment of restitution claimsfinished and published
03/20State property and budget funds earmarked for activities of the Prison Service of the Czech Republicfinished and published
03/19Management of state-owned enterprises concerning the state property and budget funds in the area of air transportfinished and published
03/18Finances earmarked for the implementation of the NATO Security Investment Programmefinished and published
03/17Finances of the State Housing Fundfinished and published
03/16State incomes from the fines imposed, collected, and recovered by administrative bodiesfinished and published
03/15Closing account of the state budget heading "Ministry of Culture"finished and published
03/14State property and state budget funds provided to the Forests of the Czech Republic, state-owned enterprisefinished and published
03/13State budget funds earmarked for the programme Construction and reconstruction of elementary and secondary school buildingsfinished and published
03/12State property and state budget funds earmarked for operations of the Security Information Servicenot published according to the law
03/11State property under the management of the Czech Consolidation Agencyfinished and published
03/10State guarantees provided beyond the approved development programmesfinished and published
03/09Implementation of the National Programme for Preparation of the Czech Republic for the EU Membership in the area of agriculturefinished and published
03/08Selected expenditures from the state budget heading “Ministry of Industry and Trade”finished and published
03/07State budget funds and state property allotted for equipment of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republicnot published according to the law
03/06State programme of support to tourismfinished and published
03/05Administration of subsidies provided from the state budget performed by regional financial authoritiesfinished and published
03/04Finances provided to the Czech Republic for the PHARE CBC projectsfinished and published
03/03Management of the property, rights and obligations of the Czech Republic in connection with district authorities dissolvingfinished and published
03/02Implementation of the National Programme for the Adoption of the Acquis in the field of the environmentfinished and published
03/01Management of the state budget funds earmarked for supporting of national minoritiesfinished and published

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